23 April 2009

Fotobok - Memory of Hampus

My memorybok of my 15 years with Hampus
has finally arrived and it was so beautiful and
the quality was fab.
I choose the same size as the last time
18,5 cm x 18,5 cm (= 7,28 inches x 7,28 inches)
and 36 pages, but this time with a hard book cover.

The company I used is called My photobook
http://www.myphotobook.se/ and the price was
349 Sek (= $ 39,90) + 49 Sek in postage (= $ 5,60)
(The dollar rate is at the moment 8,74 Sek /$)

Front Cover :

Back Cover:

Some of the pages:

Pusse LOVE 4 Ever
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22 April 2009

Seed Orders from England

Finally the last seeds packages from England has
arrived in the mail.
Every year I order from several seed companies
and if you are interested in checking them out and
maybe order yourself, they delivers to all countries
as far as I know.

If you keep reading I have the addresses and my
notes regarding each company under every photo.

This years seed packages from England.

Kings is the best company to buy vegetables from.
They have flowers to and their prices are fantastic.
As you can see on the photo the bean packages in
the upper right corner is huge.
They cost from £1 and contains 200 seeds in average.

Unwin is the place to buy Sweet Peas and as you can see
I also bought their own book on everything you need to
know about those cute and fragrant marvels of a flower.

At MrFothergills you get the best prices on everything and
a huge selection to choose from.
They also have a bonus system with extra stuff if you buy a lot.
This is one of my absolute favorite places to get my seeds.

I have always thought they were a bit overpriced but I
was pleasantly surprised this year to see they have a
much better price range this year.
They are always very tempting to order from since they
have lots of unusual and rare seeds that can be hard to
find elsewhere. If you like tomatoes they have a huge
selection to choose from.

I like T&M because they have so much fun to choose from.
Sorry to say they are by far the highest priced company of
the ones I tried over the years. But if you choose carefully
you can find some nice bargains and there are a big selection
of rare varieties to choose from.
All the flowers of tomorrow
are in the seeds of today
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Photobook Soft Cover

My photobook from http://www.myphotobook.se/ has finally
arrived and I was so happy to see that it turned out so nice.

The size is 18,5cm x 18,5cm (= 7,28 inches x 7,28 inches)
with soft cover and 36 pages.

I payed 249 Sek (= $ 28,50) + 49 Sek in postage (= $ 5,60)

(The dollar rate is at the moment 8,74 Sek /$)

I used the Blanc De Noir 1 Paper Pak by Cottage Arts
for the cover.

Reading is good for the soul
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