04 March 2009

ADSR 2009

The ADSR Race for 2009 is now over.

I didn't have so much time in January and February so I
thought I would just make a summary post about this
years race.

There were 236 Team at the starting line.
We got the number #220 and named our Team
"The Vikings" since we are both from Sweden.

203 Teams made it through the entire 13 challenges and created
4,662 LO's with 17,805+ comments.
There were 734+ Forum treads with 27,990+ posts in them.

Here are 3 of my LO's and 1 Team LO

Misty – Revisited

Chronicles Kit by Brandy Murry
Spellbound {Reformulated} by Clever Crow
Bookworm Collection Biggie by Erica Hite
Assemble Your Own Zoom Pages: Bookworm by Erica Hite
Notable Mini Kit by Jen Ulasiewicz
Pewter missmatch alpha by Hollydesigns
Font: Trajan Pro and Kitty Print

The challenge was basically to scraplift our very first LO we
ever did when we started scrapping.

The original LO was posted October 29, 2006 here:
Memorybook Misty

The next one was made for the challenge where we were
asked to scraplift one of our favorite fellow scrappers.

I choose the talented Bec how is my absolute favorite scrapper.
I love the way she layers and shadows her amazing LO’s.
Here is 1 of her LO, I used for inspiration:

My Beach Boy

And here is mine:

Live your Dream

I used the same kit as Bec:
Boys of summer by Rachel Freer
and one of Natali Design’s great WA "Playing with Word Art vol 4"

The photo is taken a stormy night at Tenerife in 1989 and yes that’s me in
the front standing on the cliffs. The photo is not altered.

The last of my LO's is made for the Art and Soul Challenge.
In short we were to make an Artsy LO with heartfelt journaling on.
Here is my try:

Brighter Day

My darling Hampus you always made every day a little brighter.
And even as it has been nearly two months since you passed away,
every day feels so grey and empty.
You will always be in my mindand in my heart.
I will always Love you.

Timeless Masters Da Vinci Backgrounds by Tangie Baxter
The Artist Workshop Kit by Jofia Devoe
Masks And Mats by Helena Jole
Art Class Kit by Shabby Miss Jenn
PinturasAOP by Kim Liddiard
Christmas Night By Lauren Bavin
Latte morning alpha by Julie Kelley
Carousel - The full Collection (A collaborative kit with Alana McCarthy and Birgit Kerr)

Font: Windsong

The last LO is showing both of us in team #220
Me: Ann-Charlotte (Lotta) Eriksen AKA Bebimora
and Anders Malm AKA Chickendude
The journaling is about how and why we started scrapping.

Team #220 The Vikings

I made the LO.

Book + Scissor + Table cloth + Rose from The book by Lauren Bavin
Book shadows from The book AOP by Lauren Bavin
Glasses + Pen from Notable Mini Kit by Jen Ulasiewicz
WA by kellie mize
Frames from Vintage Frames by Jen Ulasiewicz

Font: chicken scratch

CU at the race 2010
The Vikings

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