12 September 2008

Reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

Yesterday I finally received the book
A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle and started reading.

Official website:
Read more on Oprah's website:

After reading a few chapters I got this LO idea in my head:

Fantasy Prone Background Papers Scenics Vol. 1 by Christine Geisler
Make a fairy by Kathryn Balint
Frog On A Toadstool by Brianna Cox
Love Birds by Cristina Renee
Into the Woods Bell Jar by Christine Geisler
Faerily Moonlit Kit Collection by Lorie Davison
Fall Delight by Natalie Design
Ivory Chic AOP by Irene V. Alexeeva
Diamond rain by Jofia Devoe

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September SNL Kit

Here is my newest SNL Kit Berry Funny

The kit contains:
4 Papers
1 Foliage and berry Overlay
1 Rope/Hook WA Fall
1 Broom
1 Lady Bug
1 Decorated Frame
1 Vine with Grapes
1 FlowerElement

It is available for contributing members of the SNL Group

and everybody is welcome to join in at any time.
Just read the "New Member Guide" here:

We also have a forum at DSP for more INFO,
additional challenges and color voting

SNL Forum:

SNL Preview gallery:

SNL Layouts:

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A Great new product

I recently discovered a great designer named Jofia Devoe

She is selling her stuff at shabbypickledesigns:

Here is one of her great products "Need some water"

and here is a LO I made with it:

The photos are taken a few weeks ago when I went fishing with my brother.

On Safari Page Kit by Christina Gundersen
Old Man of the Sea Add on Kit 2 by Lauren Bavin
Need some water by Jofia Devoe
Maritim Kit by Ina's Srapart

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New SNL Kit for August

Here is my new SNL Kit Bohemian Garden.
The kit contains:
4 Papers (Wall, Sky, Grass, Bohemian Quilt)
1 Metallic Sun
1 Whimsy Birdhouse
1 Doodled Bird
1 Garden Fence
1 Tree
1 Big flower

It is available for contributing members of the SNL Group
and everybody is welcome to join in at any time.
Just read the "New Member Guide" here:
Here is a LO I made with it using
"Through The Arch QC" by Erica Belton

Happy Scrappy
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I admit, I'm a fontoholic.
I just can't stop looking for those great unique fonts
and I probably have one to many for my poor puter.

But one of the most effective and fun ways to improve
a scrapbook layout is to carefully choose your fonts.

My absolute favorite font is Bleeding Cowboys by
Last Soundtrack AKA Gyom Séguin

you can find it here at http://www.dafont.com/ :

My absolute favorite font makers is:
Vtks AKA Douglas Vitkauskas

Here is one of his fonts "Vtks Revolt":

You can find his fonts at dafont:

Other great places to find free fonts is:

Here is a LO I made with a handwriting font:

Life is like a soup!
There are no wonder cures…
There are no miracle recipes…
There are no super manuals…...
on how to live a happy life.

Every human being has to make their own mix,
and season with their own flavour.
Live well and may your soup be nice and tasty.

Azure Pleasure page kit by Irene V.Alexeeva
Chefs with Wine by Shari Warren
Font: Learning Curve

So Mix and match and have fun.
Start looking for those fab fonts you just
can't live without.
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