22 November 2013

New Layout and I'm back blogging :)

I made a new layout today with a photo I shoot during my
vacation in Copenhagen earlier this summer :)

it's for the:

and I used:

Dreamcatcher Notion set by Dido Design

 {little birdie told me III} notionSet EXTRA!! by Dido Design

Baby I'm back !!!
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25 February 2012

Designerdigitals has fun challenges every week with a complemantary freebie to get you started
a great way to get inspired and get some scraping done :)

Here are some examples:

Go here to find the freebies: http://www.designerdigitals.com/digital-scrapbooking/ideas/showgallery.php?thumbsonly=0&perpage=90&cat=503&ppuser=&thumbcheck=0&page=1&sortby=&sorttime=&way=&date=

Happy scrapping
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05 February 2012

Sushilishous Kitty fantabulous :)

 I like to make home made Sushi so here is some inspiration for you:


Here is a great step by step guide on how to make a basic Sushi:
Make your own sushi

Fun and Yummy
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01 February 2012

Swedish speciality

It's the time of year many Swedes are waiting for, we finaly get to eat our Semla

Here is a post from my friend Benke who I grew up with.
He is now living in California and his blog post explains the 
phenomena and also providing an amerikaniced recepie, 
ty Ben lol

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31 January 2012

My city Karlskrona

Here is a great video that shows how our city looks


Flying high
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22 October 2011

Can't wait for the new Panduro catalogue to arrive :)

web site

Facebook page

Crafty greetings
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05 September 2011

I got an invite to dropbox from my dear friend Michael and I love it :)
If you like me are using more than one computer its perfect..all files you want to
use on several computers just goes in a dropbox map on your computer
and it will show up on all computers automatically.
Go here to check it out

Sharing is love
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